Why the USA and World Urgently Need Rosary Processions

It is probable that the United States is in the greatest cultural free-fall of all time. Within 50 years, this country has gone from one based upon a de-facto Catholic public morality to one that is openly pagan, and clearly vying with Sodom and Gomorrah for tolerating open perversion. With the reality of at least 40 million “legalized” abortions since 1973 in the United States alone, with soft-core and hard-core pornography oozing out of every pore of our mass media, from billboards to television and the internet, and with the sodomite lobby becoming more brazen with each passing year, recourse to Our Lady’s solutions becomes more urgent than ever.

Both Austria and Brazil, during the 20th century, turned back seemingly certain domination by Communism through an all-out Rosary crusade at the last minute.

We are facing a far more subtle, Updated Communism, of the Fabian Socialist or Trotskyite model, that is, domination by smooth financial manipulation and sophisticated media propaganda, as opposed to the Stalinist model which included brutal repression and mass murder.

The “updated Communism” we face is not calling itself “Communism,” as Communism has a bad name. It’s calling itself “free trade” and “free market” while leaving unsaid that this “freedom” is only for a few chosen companies at the top where all the wealth in each particular major industry will be concentrated, with the help of those who have a monopoly on the issue of money at the Federal Reserve Board.

We are facing the type of monopoly capitalism which Pope Pius XI said would lead to Communism in his 1931 encyclical, Quadregesima Anno. Due primarily to the domination of our mass media by these same financial forces, the subversion of morals is so subtle and clever that millions are lulled into complacency and indifferentism about their own spiritual life and eternal salvation without even wanting to put up a fight.

The National Rosary Procession Crusade is calling for cooperation among all Catholics devoted to the Rosary in an all-out “Rescue America” Rosary Crusade, which would double as a Crusade to “Rescue the Church and for the Exultation of the Church.”

We are calling for as many local Rosary Processions as possible. This is the way it was done in Austria and Brazil, and in those countries almost 10% of the population joined in.

There have already been many heroic efforts to establish local rosary processions. RosaryProcession.org is attempting to become a clearing house for all the Rosary Processions which now exist, and to help make all of these local efforts into a conscious national effort after the model of Brazil and Austria.

In addition, it is relatively simple to put on a Rosary Procession in your own area. The ingredients for a good Rosary Procession are in the section on this website entitled: “How to Organize a Rosary Procession in Your Area.”

We are not suggesting that this Rescue America Rosary Crusade become the “property” of any one group, but that all groups devoted to the Rosary join together in the year ahead and pray for the rescue of America and the rescue and exultation of the Church. These Rosary processions could become a brief time when factions of Catholics, split over legitimate differences of opinion on how to be good Catholics in the present crisis, put aside those differences for an hour and even pray that events develop so as to resolve for all sincere Catholics exactly how to fulfill our duties in this, our day.

In order to avoid controversy and to make all feel welcome, all Rosary Processions will be listed on this website with a lay contact. Each area can then attract whatever clergy are willing to participate. Longstanding Rosary Processions, we hope, will consider adding the “Rescue America” and “For the Rescue and Exultation of the Church” intentions to their already stated purpose.

Finally, we recommend that only devotions and apparitions which have already been specifically approved by the Church, such as, for instance, Fatima or the brown scapular, be officially mentioned or promoted at these Rosary Processions.

RosaryProcession.org website will list all Rosary Processions, both longstanding and new, and when they will happen. Also listed will be the lay contact, a history of that local Rosary Procession, and when and where the next one will be held. Photos and newspaper clippings can be added in each section as provided by the local organizers. In this way we can all cross-germinate ideas.