Constitution of the Rosary Procession Crusade

In the year 2007, when this website is finally getting underway, the following constitution and rules will govern the Rosary Procession Crusades hosted at . The rules are made with a mind to include the largest number of  people in the Rosary Processions, in spite of the many divisions which have arisen amongst Catholics since the 1960s.

1. The general purpose of each Rosary Procession will be:

a) For the rescue of America,
b) for the triumph and exultation of the Roman Catholic Church,
c) for the fulfillment of the requests of Our Lady of Fatima, especially with regards to prayer, penance, and the doing of one’s daily duty.
d) for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
e) Other more specific intentions, such as the end to the public crime of abortion in the United States, for instance, may also be included by the local groups.

2. If Rosary Procession groups in other countries (i.e., not the USA) wish to participate, then they would substitute the rescue of their own country for the rescue of America.

3. Each local Rosary Procession group will be listed with a lay contact for the purposes of this website.

4. Each local group is encouraged to attract clergy to lead its local rosary procession, if such is not already the case.

5. The idea is to get as many Catholics as possible praying the Rosary periodically in public Rosary Processions. (We are almost all well aware of the multiple and massive causes of division amongst faithful Catholics today.) Yet, the various individuals and groups are all trying to be loyal Catholics in the current era. The purpose of the National Rosary Procession Crusade is to provide a clearing house to unite Catholics through public Rosary Processions to pray for the intentions listed above. In this way all the Rosary Procession groups can consciously unite for these worthwhile intentions, as Catholics did in Austria in 1956, and in Brazil in 1965.

6. With this attitude, even if there are serious divisions about current issues amongst laymen participating in the same Rosary Procession, each participating individual should pray also that the Holy Ghost enlighten anyone, be it ourselves or be it another, who may now be in objective error on a given matter.

7. If it is deemed more appropriate by the organizers, different Rosary Processions can be organized in the same area by two or three or four different groups. Even if two Rosary processions are happening in two different parts of town at the same time, this is still worthwhile and praiseworthy.

8. The Rosary Procession Crusade and is meant to be a friendly “meeting place” and clearinghouse for Catholics wanting to participate in a national and/or international Rosary Crusade for the intentions listed above. This website is a clearinghouse — not a membership site. All groups maintain their local autonomy and independence. Any group participating on this website is, of course, free to associate with any and all other groups promoting the recitation of the Rosary or organizing Rosary Processions.

9. Needless to say, is not offended if other websites arise which also promote a national Rosary Procession crusade for the United States of America or any other nation.